Eastern Winner Photo

Monica runs her Personal Training business in Lower Manhattan and has been training in the New York City Area since the fall of 2007, when she moved here at the age of nineteen. She came with only a basic Training Certification and the money she had saved while working on cruise ships in the Hawaiian Islands. Only one week had passed when she was already employed with Crunch Fitness at 59th Street.

Throughout her career at Crunch Fitness, unlike most other trainers she worked at multiple locations in Manhattan. After proving her selling and training skills in a short four months, and after being promoted to a higher level trainer just after two months, she was chosen to help establish a training program at location 63rd and West End. Just after one month in May 2008 she almost doubled her revenue goal and from then on was the top selling and producing trainer at this club. By January of 2009 she was granted the Assistant Training Manager position and shortly after became Training Manager in April of 2009. When Crunch however, voided the contract with this location at the end of May 2009, she stayed with the company and was moved to a new and larger location, 90 John Street Crunch Fitness. Going into this location, Monica, brought most of her clientele from the Upper West Side and grossed almost $15,000 by the end of her first week as an elite trainer. A month later she was asked to be the standing in Training Manager, again creating an efficient Personal Training Department.

However, by the end of the August 2009, she decided to focus on her training and clientele, stepping away from management. Not only did she want to focus on her clientele but also had an incredible desire to develop her own athleticism. Soon after, she entered two NPC (National Physique Committee) Bodybuilding competitions in the new “Bikini” Division in November 2009. After months of disciplined diet and training, she took first place and overall winner at The Eastern USA Championships, her very first Bodybuilding show she entered.

By the end of January 2010 she decided to break free of the fitness corporations and start her own training business called Muscular Expression by Monica Eiler, which she currently runs out of Complete Body and Spa, downtown Manhattan.

To date Monica, has helped several brides and grooms achieve their ideal gown and tux size for the big day, corrected new and old injuries to enhance mobility and strength, increase marathon and triathlon competitors’ times and agility, helped prepare several NPC bikini competitors achieve top 5 placing and even earn their pro card, and of course cut body fat and/or increase muscle size for anyone who wants a new look or just feel better!